Thermal Shock

Accelerated & Environmental Stress Test (Temperature/ Humidity, Thermal Cycle, Thermal Shock)

Environmental stress test (EST) is becoming highly demand for component of various products such as Electronics, Automotive, Telecommunication or household devices.  The testing is by operating products or leaving components at the extreme-controlled environmental (high/ low temperature, high/ low humidity, shaking/ vibrating, and etc).  The testing is to provide a prediction model for product field reliability as well as production quality control.

ALS Pathumthani is providing some part of this test area which is Temp/ Humid Chamber, Thermal Cycle, Thermal Shock and Salt spray chamber. 

Key Features

·         Rapid-Rate Temperature Cycle Type

·         High temperature testing up to 220°C, Low temperature testing down to -80°C for thermal shock

·         Temperature range from -40°C to 150°C, Maximum humidity at 98% for Temp/ Humid chamber

·         ISO Class 5 Clean temperature & humidity chamber


ALS Thailand offers the environmental stress test for electronics, mechanical, telecommunication, and automotive components. The testing is covering all stages from pre-qualification, first article, production acceptance, reliability testing, and failure analysis. We are able to test per international standard or tailor made to individual client requirement.