Particle Analysis By Particle Analyzer (VDA19, ISO16232)

Particle contamination monitoring is a critical quality control measure for components across many industries, including the automotive industry.  Particulate contamination quality control has flow on impacts to product functionality and reliability.  To help define cleanliness improvement opportunities, the quantitative and qualitative detection of particulate contamination is an important key.

ALS can help clients measure the relevant particulate contamination originating from the manufacturing process and production environment.  Our particle analyzer analysis service supports ISO 4406/07, ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1, and can additionally be customized to company in house standards


Key Features:

·          Fully automated microscope with a digital color camera and image analysis software

·          Fast analysis times for particle measurement.

·          Measure particle down to 2µm

·          Up to 1,000x magnification (50x, 100x, 200x, 500x and 1,000x)

Fully correlative particle analysis with SEM/ EDX (the ALS SEM/ EDX instrument is a ZEISS Sigma HD VP model)

With more than a decade of sophisticated testing experience, ALS Thailand (Pathumthani) has a diverse range of sampling, testing, and consulting services for the Electronics industry.  We have dedicated technical staff to deliver reliable and timely analytical solutions for customer testing needs. We specialize in micro-contaminant and RoHS analysis, offering tailored analytical packages that are specific to client requirements and needs. We are ready to deploy our world-class services to additional industries to support Thailand’s industry growth.  ALS provides the wide range of professional services for Electronics, Semi-Conductor, Automotive, Telecommunication, and Wear-Check analysis (Tribology).