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Particle analysis for Automotive- ISO16232, VDA19
By : Sayan Songka Category : Seminar/Training

        Particle contamination monitoring is a critical quality control measure for components across many industries, including the automotive industry. Particulate contamination quality control has ow on impacts to product functionality and reliability. To help define cleanliness improvement opportunities, the quantitative and qualitative detection of particulate contamination is an important key.

Technical cleanliness analysis according to VDA19 and ISO 16232 are consisted of three steps.

  • The residual contaminant particles are extracted from the component surface using a liquid.
  • The liquid is filtered and the particles are collected onto a filter membrane.
  • And the membrane is analyzed to determine the mass, number, size and type of particles.

Seminar : Particle Analysis for Automotive (VDA 19 and ISO 16232) has been hold at The Idle Resident, Pathumthani on 14 March 2019.