News Update
Annual Merit Ceremony (2021) of ALS Testing Services (Thailand) Co.,Ltd was on Thursday 18Nov,2021.  
The analysis in closed system for ensure the volatile organic compound from our interested samples only and avoid contamination from the environment. There are many sampling techniques such as passive sampling, active sampling and dynamic headspace. For passive sampling in chamber (closed system) for hypothetical situation by put the sample in the close system such […]
On June 29, 2020, the company made merit for the new office of ALS Testing Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd. to be a blessing to the company and employees in providing testing services at Quality to customers.  
Welcome to ALS New Side Pathumthani.
Starting from Dec. 6, 2019 ALS Pathumthani is going to operate at the new location. In the transition period, instrument has to re-calibrate and perform quality check in order to ensure analysis result would not be impacted by relocation activities. From above reason, sample submission after Nov. 15 will send to ALS Singapore until ALS […]
        Particle contamination monitoring is a critical quality control measure for components across many industries, including the automotive industry. Particulate contamination quality control has flow on impacts to product functionality and reliability. To help define cleanliness improvement opportunities, the quantitative and qualitative detection of particulate contamination is an important key. Technical cleanliness […]
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